Different Features Of A Residential Surround Sound Unit

There are different kinds of surround sound systems that are available which are differentiated by different factors like the formats which are in use, the sound channels they provide as well as the assembly of the different components or whether the whole unit comes as a single package. Traditional units are designed to have five channels or could be more. The number of channels included in a surround sound unit is mentioned on the package or as part of the product description that can be found on the package or in online forums.
Different formats to expect
The surround sound units or best home video surveillance system usually come to a specified number that represents the front, rear as well as left and right channels that are present in a model. There is a decimal point and a number that represents the low frequency effects channel. The formats might differ from one unit to another as different kinds of digital compression techniques are used in order to provide a surround experience with sound. The expensive units usually come in different pieces and need to be assembled separately.
Number of channels to choose
There is another way to choose a best home video surveillance system or a residential surround sound unit. That depends on the number of sound channels you choose. Usually the numbers of channels that are found in a sound unit of the surround type are five, but the number goes up as well, depending on the model you choose. The units that are sold with 5.1 channels usually have two rear and two front channels as well as a center channel along with an LFE channel. In case the system offers 6.1 channels there is a rear channel that is added additionally as well as height channels in 9.1 units.
Setup of the units
The surround sound units can also be chosen as per the channel setup they offer. There are three ways the channels are mixed. The discrete channels usually have the sound information that is different from the information passed to the other channels. Matrixed sound is a system where audio data is pulled from the other speakers into a single channel. There are units that are designed to deliver lossless audio which provide high quality of sound reproduction but at a higher price.
Different compression methods
The surround sound units also differ as per the digital compression methods used in them. There are certain models that use discrete music channels while others use the matrixed forms. The formats also differ for the units as per the capacity of the units to play from a processor or a receiver.

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