Experience A Bumpy And Wild Adventure In The Desert!

A holiday in Dubai is not complete without indulging in a one of a lifetime experience in the deserts of Dubai. This is an activity that many individuals do not miss during their travel. As a fact, many desert safari companies offer various packages that are convenient for you. You get to experience the warm weathers in the afternoons and the cool breeze in the night. Even with your busy schedules or short stay, you should take a ride in the four wheels driven by experienced tour guides. Use this link http://dubaidesertsafarioffer.com/dhowcruise.php to gain ideas about other packages they offer.

So what are the options that you have? Do you only have time in the morning? Are you planning to take your staff for a day out? All you have to do is, log in and research the many choices that are available online. Look at customer reviews and varying alternatives that different companies have. They have detailed information about the rides, food menu, etc.

Surprise your loved one on their birthday

If you happen to visit Dubai during this special moment, what could be more rewarding than a desert birthday party? Many tour packages from Dubai arrange these functions for you and your family. Even if you were a local, this would be an awesome treat for your loved one. There are different offers such as basic, silver and gold. So what is so special about this offer?

Other than just celebrating it the same old way with a gathering at your home or restaurant, you can have a memorable day. For travelers, it is a truly amazing opportunity to share your experiences with friends and colleagues back home.

Pick any package throughout the day

If you can only reserve the morning to enjoy a ride, check out the morning packages. You can go on dune bashes and stop to view the picturesque surroundings. Your children can have fun, sun boarding or skiing and take a ride on the camels.

Other tour packages from Dubai offer afternoon, evening or overnight safaris. These include:

– Dune bashes

– Buggy rides

– BBQ and evening tea.

– Spend the night under the amazing tents in the dessert

– Have a traditional dress photography session

– Belly dance show

– Opportunity of viewing the sunset and many more.

Experience the Special rides

• Safari around the mountain ranges in a Hatta tour. You will be able to view the old village situated near the Hajjar Mountains. You will be touring around rough terrains and see the land around and visit carpet market and fresh water pools.

• Enjoy a luxurious escape to deserts in the hummer. These special Hummer safaris are another offer that people try out. This is similar to the four wheels packages, but the best part is that you will be dune bashing in a Hummer!

These are some of the options that you can select if you are planning to go. Make sure that you add this into your site seeing options to view!

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