How To Find Investors For Your Start-Up

When you’re setting up a business, the single biggest challenge that any entrepreneur has to overcome is finding the right people to invest in the venture.
In order to attract the right kind of investors, the business has to first be set up with optimum transparency. The ownership has to determine how much of the company they are willing to let the shareholders own and set up the strategy and structure for the business accordingly.
Getting a professional party involved, a business setup in Dubai that offers consultancy and other related services, is very important when it comes to LLC formation because the procedure is complex and every stage of it has to be carefully handled.
The first step of LLC formation in Dubai however is picking a name that is available and complies with the rules of your State. Some factors to consider when coming up with a name would be the nature of the business and the values and ethics that you strive to uphold and build the venture upon. What you decide to call yourself however is very important because the name is what gives your potential investors and the customers and clients an idea as to what you do and who you are. Finding the right name might be a tough task, but once you’ve found it you will not complain about all the hours and thinking that you may have had to out in. Having a solid rationale for the name you come up with would be great because those investing would want to know you’re way of thinking and how you position the venture. Convincing them however is in your hands entirely.
Once you have selected a name that you are happy with and doesn’t violate the trademark of any company that is already in existence, the next step would be to have it registered by obtaining what is called the ‘certificate of organization’. At this stage, filing charges will be charged and you might also have to pay annual tax on top of the filing fee mentioned above. Articles that are required by the state when registering your business however are simple documents that can be typically compiled within a day or so. Along with the documents, the business would also be expected to produce an operating agreement stating clearly the members’ percentage interest in the business, the members’ rights and responsibilities, conditions in relation to the trading of shares, how profits and losses will be allocated and other related areas of importance.
Once the business has been registered, an additional step might be required to make official the formation of your business. This involves publishing a notice to the public about your business in the local newspapers.

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