How To Form A Business Firm

If you have decided to start a company, you will first need to decide if you will be forming a limited liability company or a partnership. You may however change this status at any given time. A limited liability company will provide a different legal outline for your business actions as well as your liability. Legally, your company will be known as a different entity and will have a have an identity separate from you and your partners, if any.
Vital features of a business firm
In company formation in Dubai there are certain vital elements that must be met. Firstly, you will need to have reserved your company’s name with the company registration office. You company will have to have a minimum of one share, one shareholder, one director, an official registered office and a service address.
Deciding on a name for your business
One of the first and most important elements in company formation is deciding on a name for your company. Choose a name that is short, catchy, easy to remember and reflects the service you are providing at your company. The name of your company and its logo will pass a sublime message to potential customers about your business. After you have selected your name, check with your local company registration office if the name you have selected is already in use. Some countries may even have a website where you will be able to check this information online.
If the name you have selected is available, it is important to reserve the name as soon as possible, do this even before you have applied to register your company. Once the company name registration office has reserved your chosen name, they will give you a timeline during which you will need to register you company.
Applying to register your establishment
In order to apply to register your company you will have to provide the company registration office with a letter from each director to consent to being a director of your company, a written agreement from each of your shareholders and a confirmation that your company name has been reserved. If the company registrations office is satisfied with all the information you have provided, they will issue you a certificate of registration for your company.
Common mistakes proprietors make when registering a company
Some of the common mistakes that proprietors make when registering a company are not getting legal assistance from the onset, not disclosing vital information to your attorneys before or during the registration process and not fully completing all documentation needed for the registration process.

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