Not A Profession But Close To It

Our parents bread us from our small days teaching us to become a professional or to be a person who is reputable and honourable. But among these honourable and reputable people are the people who do odd kind of jobs or rather unprofessional jobs. But still, there are people who do these kind of jobs and earn more than a professional does. So let’s take a look this area which is less noticeable but highly rewarding.
The High Income Earners
Some of the people who do jobs of high income but less noticeable jobs could be a private tutor in Dubai, people who collect useless pieces of metal, rickshaw drivers, distribution agents etc. They are most of the time not educated people or probably not graduates or professors or even professionals, but still they do earn a decent income that more or less equal to an educated person. So sometimes there are instances where education becomes an obsolete matter or even a waste of time and money in that case. But of course they should learn things in order to be good at what they do but they haven’t spent so much time and money on education have they?
Which One is better?
Both the job categories have its perks but one thing which an odd job doesn’t have is the respect in the society where as a professional would have the equal income as well as the respect in the society. Therefore an educated person takes the lead at that point.
Why Aren’t They Professionals?
There could be a few a reasons why they aren’t professionals in whatever their field of expertise. One reason would be that, the particular field is not recognized as a profession in the society for e.g. a private tutor. There are no such people who do it professionally as an occupation but people do it as a result of profession they were in previously or as a part time job. Another reason would be that there are no studies in particular for some areas in order to become a professional for e.g. there are no professional studies in collecting metal pieces and selling. So these are some of the reasons out of a number of reasons which means there is a lot more to this subject. Something for you and me to think about. Link here for more information about other programs they offer in preparations for CPA examinations.
A very rarely noticed topic to be discussed I suppose but something worth a while to give a thought perhaps. Therefore even though you may be an educated person in the society, let’s not forget that education itself will not give you a life because there are people who have a life without education.

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