The Exclusive Factor Even In Sitting And Standing

Seats are allocated in the audience or reserved for important people and dignitaries and the V.I.Ps get a better deal amongst them. The rest have to be content with what is one among many ordinary ones. Dignity and respect enable the select group to be in a higher position in seating and are recognized by that. The furniture that bears them too has a distinct version compared to the rest at some functions. Certain signage also indicates their importance even though the seat does not display anything extraordinary. However in the absence of both these indicators the manner in which others stand and greet as they enter or exit will manifest the difference. This tradition comes a long way for centuries throughout the history in all countries and cultures. The British monarch still sits on a throne even now during official ceremonies to reiterate the royalty.

It is inherent in mankind to define positions by way of how he/ she are seated amid a gathering. A designer chair is made to create a special attribute that’s different form the ordinary or ones generally used. Farfetched it may seem but it is the subtle idea. A throne status or a dignified image is given thus for the piece of furniture. That feature which elevates the meaning of the seat and differentiates from the rest is there with that purpose of creating a distinction and thereby the person who sits on it. These specially crafted furniture for sitting are reserved in big offices for the emeritus of the organization and is pulled out only during those one-off moments when he/ she attends. In this manner the convenience creates the disparity between ranks, levels of authority and divisions of management.

Exclusivity is the rationale in this. So, the craftsmen create the out-of-the-ordinary style of handiwork- in fact it is mostly handmade, for machines are for bulk production and these are custom made. The styles could be borrowed or imitation with a few exceptional deviations, as none will come out a 100% original. An experienced custom craftsman nevertheless will study where these creations are going to be placed and for whom. Though not demanding he will advice on how to turnout in terms of appearance, grain of the wood or decorations in a metal that’s used.

A designer chair creator will query about the other items and furnishings within the immediate space such as the light fittings, especially a chandelier, stools and sofas, tables and the allied, wall colour or wall paper etc. to create the ordered seat accordingly. It is wise to heed his advice and suggestions as a layman’s mind may not be well informed and be dearth of ideas. The final outcome will be a piece of mastery befitting a luxurious lifestyle and stand as an object of great sentimentality. SO, it is best to go to the expert and embed dignity to the creation.

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