The Future Of Android Apps In Education

The world is constantly changing and technology just keeps advancing faster than we can keep up. Everybody is so focused on getting the latest piece of technology and complaining so much when we can’t get our hands on it. Little do we realize that there are people out there that hasn’t even seen or heard of what a mobile phone is, let alone know what a smart phone is. The best example for this was the picture of the African kids who were so fascinated with the tablet in their hands which circulated the internet in 2015. There are people out there who have no access to the internet that we are so fond of and feel like we might die without.For these kinds of people mobile phones are becoming the easiest way for them to get access to the cyber universe and the global village. For many of these people buying computer and getting internet would seem almost impossible but purchasing an android phone may not seem so farfetched. They are very cheap and having a lot brands trying to enter the market has made easier for people to purchase a decent phone at a very low cost. Through this they would have access to the internet be their knowledge base. Now it is because of people like this that good Android apps development in Dubai is important. Not everyone would be crazy about getting candy crush on their phones.
That is to say for someone who wants to use the phone as an educational device as well it is important that such applications are made available freely. Hence Android apps development has a future in educating millions of people who have had no access to the cyber universe up till now. For an example computers were advertised as the best learning device for growing kids back in the 90’s and early 2000’s likewise for people who live in rural parts of the world and can’t afford a computer for their kids could very well use their phone as an educational device. So people need to focus on creating more mobile applications that are capable of enhancing the growth of young minds.
I understand that to some my thoughts on this matter could sound very ludicrous but this is the simple truth that we don’t realize when technology is always easily accessible and purchasable for us. There is always a less well-off group of people who could be getting introduced to what a smartphone is just today. The possibilities are boundless so help to make applications that would benefit these less fortunate people.

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